Does She Still Hates Me For Loving Her?

Dah Oktober 2007…
Lama juga yah gue kuliah, gak lulus2 pula, hehehe…
Temen yang dah nikah aja dah banyak…
Ada 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… lebih deh kayanya…

Malam ini mencred2. Mau nonton Zodiac gak jadi2. Mau nginstall Orangebox atau Stranglehold juga gak jadi2…
Sore2 tadi nonton 69 Sixty Nine di laptop, ceritanya bagus banget, Jepang jaman perang Vietnam…
Dan sekarang John Mayer seperti menyindir menyanyikan My Stupid Mouth…
Liriknya yang paling ngena:

“My stupid mouth
Has got me in trouble
I said too much again”

“How could I forget?
Mama said “think before speaking”
No filter in my head”

“I’m never speaking up again
It only hurts me
I’d rather be a mystery
Than she desert me”

“Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But it’s all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked
I just wanna be funny
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me captain backfire”

Persis 5 tahun silam di bulan yang sama…

Ada yang bilang “dia dah baik Ja kayanya..”
Ada yang bilang “Ja dia nitip salam buat lu…”
Ada yang bilang “gue denger2 dia mau nikah tahun depan…”
Ada yang bilang “dia sehat kok Ja, jangan kuatir…”
Ada yang bilang “yeah you are definitely a dying breed”
Dia bilang “…”
Gue bilang “Welcome to the real world”, she said to me, Condescendingly, Take a seat, Take your life, Plot it out in black and white, Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings, And the drama queens, I’d like to think the best of me, Is still hiding, Up my sleeve”

Maybe we start on the wrong foot, so let’s restart…
Maybe we will eventually kill each other, so let’s do that…
Maybe we’ve been wrong all this time, so let’s do things straight…

For these last 6 years you shapen up my life, but mine’s never touches yours…
Does she still hates me for loving her?

Maybe I was afraid to try my best but fail again in the end…
(you never try your best even from when you were born)
Maybe I love her from what I expect from her, not for she really is…
(you are a loner by nature, don’t try to do things unnaturally)
Maybe I just trying to manipulate her to do my bidding…
(you are a great manipulator, but this time you are the victim of your own talent)

Ntah apa2…
Inilah akibat dari kekurangan sepak bola, kepala kurang mendapat benturan2 teknis, sehingga menyebabkan kesalahan sinkronisasi tangan dan hati…

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable
Sun Tzu



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